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The world's funniest banner ads!

Truth in advertising has taken a whole new level! These decisively honest banner ads are sure to make you smile!

Disclaimer: These banner ads were not created by the companies they represent, and any logos seen on this page are trademarks of their respective owners.

america on line: Includes 10,000 Bonus Spams FREE!
Anderson: Creative Accounting Solutions
Apple: Products so cool, We don't need customers
AT&T: Wireless plans you'll need a PHD to figure out!
Bea: Software so complicated we don't understand it either.
Chevy: Buy a new Chevy Avalanche and get a free mechanics creeper!
Ebay: Nortel long distance switch. Like new.  $4 Million list-$100K Reserve. Free star trek decals!
Enron: More that gas and hot air!
Fluke Networks: If it works, it's a fluke.

Oybay: For this you paid retail?
Palm: Loosind market share since we got started. Makes bill paying as mutch fun as accounting Books,  email, email about books, books about email...
FREE AOL 7.0 CD coming to a landfill near you
Java: It's more than technology. It's a lawsuit, too
Verisign: Nowt sore what we do? Neither are we
X10: The worlds most annowing popup ads
Blogger: For people with way too much time on their hands.
Enron: The WorldCom of energy.
Federal Reserve: Rates so low we must be crazy!
Hotmail: Now with FREE microsoft spam!
Microsoft Windows: Where quality is job 1.1
Microsoft .net: Find out about Microsoft .net before we find about You!
Microsoft Office XP: With Hundreds of new fatures you'll never find.
Microsoft Passport: Sign up now! What have you got to hide?
Palm: Buy a palm M500 and enter our drawing to become CEU!
Blackberry: The always-on email solution for attention deficit disorder.

Hope you had fun reading our collection of unusual banner ads here at the fun zone!


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